Outdoor Canteen 4.1

Future of Food – a Design Fiction


The idea was to create a futuristic machine to reduce waste and within create new perspectives for future food.

Team: Lisa Albrecht (Social Work Student), Harald Burtscher (Business Student) and Daniel Nussbaum (InterMedia Student)

The Machine

The Outdoor Canteen 4.1 creates meals out of trash. The machine starts to speak and explain itself once it is approached. It then asks for trash to be placed in the “Place your trash in here”-labeled box. The nutritions of the trash are being analyzed and the expected outcome is presented to the user via speech-output. After a short time of processing, the meal can be taken out of the right bin labeled “Take out your food here”.

Lisa Albrecht, Harald Burtscher and Daniel Nussbaum sketching various concepts. Rough sketch of how the the prototype could look like.

Process 1/2

We started by sketching out different ideas based on various scenarios based on the colored cards for a futuristic and food-related machine.

We then reviewed and discussed all our ideas and picked our favourite one. After that we started prototyping and creating the voice-structure for the human-machine interaction.

The first prototype was made out of cartboard boxes.

Process 2/2

After finishing our first prototype, we started testing with three different people. Based on their input we improved the speech-output and look of the machine.

Daniel Nussbaum finishing up the second version of the prototype. Two prototypes stacked on top of each other Meat loaf bun on machine.