OFFF 2019

Digital Schedule Concept


The OFFF festival is a design orientated festival which takes places once a year in Barcelona. Currently the festival consists of three different stages where creatives out of every field talk about work, inspiration or private stories. To help people find their way around and don’t miss out on their favorite artists, OFFF offers a free schedule app.


The most important part of the app is to give a quick overview of what’s happening at what specific time in every room. Therefor I stacked the three rooms (there is space for more) on top of each other and created a timeline which is horizontally scrollable. The timeline does not only show the talks, but also general breaks and when a new day begins.
This makes it very easy for users to plan ahead on where to go and when to go there. It also allows them to make quick decisions on site while they are attending the festival. The talks are placed on small cards which show the artists name, time when the talks starts and in which room it takes place.


When an artist is selected, the place of the OFFF keyvisual is taken by an image-slider from the artist. There it is also possible to highlight an artist. The highlighted artists will be displayed in a different color but still keep their position in the timeline.

To get more information about an artist, the artist has to be selected and with a simple swipe-up the information appears below the imageslider.
At the same time, the timeline collapses to one room in which the presentation takes place. This makes it easy for the user to decide if he/she wants to stay in that room after the presentation or switch to another room.