September 2015

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The final game of the National Football League – the Super Bowl – is breaking its own records for audience and advertising costs from year to year.


This thesis analyses the effect of the Super Bowl as a national event from the viewpoint of different media articles and academic work.

The main goal was to understand why so many US corporations opt for an 30-second spot and whether or not there is a real return on investment for those companies.


I started of by analyzing the structure of the game with all the (commercial) breaks. Later I compared the demographics of the audience between the Super Bowl and other global sporting events such as the Olympics, the UEFA Champions League Final and the FIFA World Cup Finals. Only to find out, that the gamestructure is just perfect for small ad-breaks.

Cover of the Super Bowl bachelors thesis Introduction page of the bachelor thesis, sport Full map of teams that have played in the super bowl close up of team that have played in the super bowl The crazy ones close up of infographic showing the time usage for advertising and the sport itself the special, mini booklet inside bachelors thesis detail shot of mini booklet showing the most expensive year in super bowl advertising-history If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative, quote from David Ogilvy.

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