November 2016


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The Bolter Sockenmanufaktur is Austria’s last sock knitting factory. For over 30 years they have been producing socks using old Bentley machines.


Bolter stands for high-quality Merino wool and handcraft alike. While the Merino wool plays the major role in their products, the thread stands in the spotlight of Bolter’s corporate design and continues into advertising and packaging.


At Bolter everything is made with wool. While the image brochure, the business cards and the packaging still have a real thread on them, the logo and the illustrations are only indicating it.

Some of the thirteen steps of creating a Bolter sock Branding of Bolter Sockenmanufaktur Wrapping paper, Imagefolder, Pair of Bolter socks, Stamp and Business card Close up of Imagefolder and washing symbols Close up of Bolter Business card Bolter Sockenmanufaktur Businesscard and Imagefolder Bolter Imagefolder, change of generations Bolter Imagefolder close up, final steps of creating a sock Bolter Sockenmanufaktur Onlineshop

At Bolter buying socks online or offline makes a huge difference for your unwrapping experience.


The packaging differs between onlineshop and retail stores. In retail stores a recycable paper bag with a see- and feelthrough hole is used for each pair of socks. When buying online, the customer receives a fully branded package containing a sleeved pair of socks.


Each paper bag gets sealed with a stitching. On the bottom a removeable label with all the needed information, such as size and length, is sticked to it. To finish the packaging of a businesscard is tied onto the stitching.

The online package includes up to three pairs of socks. Each pair is sleeved in brown recycling paper. All socks are then wrapped up in branded wrapping paper and sealed with a thread and a business card. As little extra, every package gets a personal note from the Bolter Family.

Bolter Sockenmanufaktur Packaging for retail store Bolter Sockenmanufaktur close up of personal note inside package Sleeved Merino-wool sock inside package

Bolter advertising is thought to entertain and inform potential customers rather than showing socks in every possible way.


As the product itself isn’t too sexy to be displayed on print ads, entertaining text-ads where chosen instead. Every ad is made up around a specific topic. On the top there is a one-line illustration matching the topic and a short but funny text explaing why one should buy Merino-wool socks for different occasions.


Before writing the text for an ad, a process of possible elements to draw is started. The hardest part is to draw the element with one continuing line while not overlapping too much.

The text always starts of with two introductory sentences explaining the setting of the story. It then continues into promoting some key features of the Merino-wool and closes with a concluding senctence which can also be used as a social media headline. The second paragraph stays the same in every ad.

Bolter Sockenmanufaktur christmas ad Some ad illustrations Bolter Sockenmanufaktur feeling warm at home ad

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