February 2016

Music and high Spirits

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In 2016 the Schützen­musik­verein started a new event series, which is meant to bring the community of the surrounding cities closer together and present the music outside of the usual concert.


For a clear communication the Schützen­musik­verein needed a small corporate design and a structured communication.

To inform the people of Koblach about past and upcoming events the “Musignews” were born. This four to twelve page folder is sent to every household in the city two to four times a year. It is meant to be a reminder and should encourage readers to revisit next time.

Also every event got it’s own poster. The titel always combines music or “Musik” with the location or time the event takes place. The poster series, which can be seen mainly at bus stops, is characterized by clear headlines and bold images.


The first step was to retouch the logo and define a typeface that fitted the traditional style of music. The colors are based on the uniform which is worn to most puplic appearances.

The Musignews lets the readers recall the bygone events with short texts and large-scale images and leaves the rest up to their personal memories.

The poster series is built on a memorable large header image and a clear title that interrupts it.

Corporate design for the Sch├╝tzenmusikverein Koblach Close up of Musignews Poster for Musik und Most and Musik zu Ostern

To celebrate their 130th anniversary, the Schützen­musik­verein was looking for a condign key visual embracing the age and the festivity.


The key visual for the 130 year anniversary combines old-looking, metal milled numbers and even older instruments. Every element from emblem to drum stick was positioned by hand.


To showcase the age of 130 years, real materials were chosen. The numbers were milled out of metal, the letters were shaped out of wood and the instrument were dusted of from the basement.

Key visual for 130 year of Sch├╝tzenmusikverein Koblach Creation of the key visual for 130 years of Sch├╝tzenmusikverein Koblach Folder for the 130 year event Flyer for the 130 year event Ad for the 130 year event in Gemeindeblatt Poster for the 130 year event

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