February 2016

Curved formwork


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The solid plastic panels from the alkus AG are a 100 % recycable alernative to the common plywood panels. Their main advantage is to be formable and therfore allowing special (round) formwork.


The main goal for the new website was to be a helpful tool for the alkus salesman at an upcoming trade fair. Therefore the website was optimized for tablet usage.

The focus should also be switched from presenting the company itself to the products they produce.


To provide the best overview and allow quick navigation, the website is mostly made up of full-screen slides. Each slide offers some basic information and links to more details.

On detailpages some relevant slides also repeat on the bottom of the page to guide the user to the products.

Iso Certificat Alkus saves time, money and manpower all advantages of the alkus plastic panels details of the alkus plastic panel and contact details statement from Martin Feuerstein about alkus

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